Weekend Penalty Rates Submissions

As many of you know, penalty rates as we know them are currently under threat. There is currently a review underway by the federal industrial relations commission of penalty rates for people who work in hospitality and retail. There is a particular push by a small number of employer groups to reduce Sunday pay rates, which has implications for all of us. Alongside an immediate pay cut to many already low paid workers who certainly could not afford it, a reduction in weekend pay rates is likely to be the first step in long term changes for us all.

But you can help fight this change by sending a simple email. The Fair Work Commission is currently seeking input from the public on the matter. Submissions don’t need to be long; a simple email telling the Commission why penalty rates should be maintained is all you have to do.

Your submission could cover:

  • The impact on inequality of reducing wages and the importance of fair pay;
  • The importance of weekends, and Sundays in particular, as a time for rest and recovery,  family, community; and/or
  • Any particular impact on your organisation or the people you represent as a result of reducing weekend pay rates.

Submissions close 17 February 2016 and should be emailed directly to the Fair Work Commission at: amod@fwc.gov.au

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