We Urgently Need Your Help!

As you may be aware, workers in hospitality recently had their weekend penalty rates slashed. United Voice has been actively campaigning against these cuts for several years, both on behalf of the workers directly affected and other members who may be affected in the future.

Cuts to weekend rates for any sector will have flow on effects for all sectors. The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) recently received independent legal advice that shows the FWC decision opens the door to penalty rate cuts in other sectors for many, many workers.

WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP! We've got just 10 days to help SAVE THE WEEKEND for Queensland Clubs & RSL workers!

Can you email your local sports club or RSL now to ask them to commit to protecting weekend penalty rates for their staff?

The Fair Work Commission has given clubs until the 24th March to re-submit their arguments for cutting workers' pay under the Clubs Award, the only award that was excluded from the penalty rates cuts handed down by the commission last month. 

We must act now to support our local community clubs workers and to stop the spread of penalty rate cuts into other industries.

Thank you to the many United Voice Ambulance members who have already supported the campaign.

Go to http://www.fairpayclubs.com/take-action/ to lend your support.

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