At a recent meeting of Ambulance State Councillors, concern was raised about the potential for QAS to implement the use of Agency / Contract and or Private Paramedics in light of Professional Registration and to meet peaks in demand.

Formal correspondence was endorsed and sent to the Commissioner of Ambulance and the following commitment was received in response.

As members will read, the Commissioner understands the concerns our State Council delegates have along with the challenges that paramedic registration may provide, however confirms, “the QAS has no plans to use arrangements such as agency, contract and or private paramedics in order to meet peaks in demand”.

This is good news in terms of the commitment to ensure the ongoing creation of quality, permanent positions in order that United Voice Ambulance Officers continue to deliver the excellent level of pre-hospital care that they have done for many years.

In terms of United Voice paramedic members who currently work in a private setting at an industrial or mine site we are happy to advise our coverage of your membership continues and all the benefits of union membership such as access to insurance products, representation and private legal advice continue along with the campaigning power of an organisation of this size.

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