Update On Meeting With Health Minister

This week, United Voice Secretary, Gary Bullock and a group of ambulance delegates met with the Health Minister, Lawrence Springborg and QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles.

The United Voice delegation included Kroy Day and delegates from the Patient Transport Service, operations centres, operational staff and advanced and intensive care paramedics.

Follow the link below for a summary of the outcomes: Click on each heading to read more detailed information.


1.    Health and Safety.  A commitment from Commissioner Bowles to find a solution to missed meal and rest breaks.

2.    Professional Registration and Paramedic Practitioners. A commitment from Minister and Commissioner to progress professional registration.

3.    Resourcing and Ramping. Agreement from Minister that ramping has increased and commitment to work with United Voice and reform MEDAI to address ramping.

4.      Privatisation. No commitment to protect Patient Transfer Services from privatisation. We will continue to oppose.

5.      Award Modernisation. No clear guarantee that award modernisation would not leave members worse off. We will continue to oppose

6.       A commitment from the Minister for bi-monthly meetings with United Voice to progress issues.


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