URGENT: EB 2012 Update 15 of 2012

Last week saw the start of the conciliation process requested by QAS. Your elected representatives met with Commissioner Thompson at the Queensland Industrial Commission, along with representatives of QAS.

Once again, the QAS showed that they were not prepared to move from their original demands which would see our conditions, consultation rights and important penalties stripped away in return for a 2.2% pay increase.

We believe that had the QAS been prepared to show some flexibility in it's demands we could have negotiated an outcome outside of the commission, however, their continued hard headedness in dismissing all of our claims, while at the same time insisting on their demands shows the strict driving instructions given to them by the government.

We will, of course, continue to meet with the Commissioner and QAS with the very real intention of negotiating a Certified Agreement we hope the government intends to do the same.

DCS Emails not delivered

It is of vital importance that your elected negotiators be able to keep you informed, however recent attempts to email members have been blocked by the Department. Over 800 emails were blocked by DCS when we attempted to survey you on what you believe should be the next steps in our campaign. It is vital that you are able to receive updates from the negotiation team so that we can be sure that all of the voices of QAS members are being heard and that means we need to collect non-DCS email addresses (home email addresses).

Please email qldcommunication@unitedvoice.org.au with your non-DCS email address.

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