URGENT: EB 2012 Update 14 of 2012

Yesterday your elected negotiators again met with the government to attempt to progress negotiations for a new enterprise bargaining agreement with the QAS. 

The Government, having refused to move from their original offer – essentially leaving us with a “take it or leave it” deal. 

After months of negotiation the government continue to insist ambulance officers accept a pay rise of 2.2 per cent per year, and reduced conditions including : 

  • removal of meal penalties, 
  • reduction of roster projection to three weeks, 
  • loss of all consultation and 
  • removal of job security provisions.

There has been no consideration by the government of any of the items in the Log of Claims voted on by you and other members. 

The Government has now decided to seek the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to arbitrate the dispute. 

Your union is committed to the campaign to protect the wages and conditions of Ambulance Officers, and if required, we will fight through to the next state election. 

Yesterday United Voice launched our TV advertising blitz. We hope to harness public support to force Campbell Newman to reconsider his approach to ambulance officers. 

You can see the ad online at http://www.standingwithus.com/tvc - every Queenslander should see it, so after watching the ad please like and share it on Facebook, twitter, and send an email to your family and friends to get them to watch it too.

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