United Voice stands up for graduate placements

United Voice took a stand on behalf of graduate placement members to ensure certainty, consistency and transparency in the Graduate Paramedic Induction Program (GPIP).

As a result, QAS has undertaken a major review of its program over the past twelve months.  The review has resulted in a number of changes aimed at increasing the transparency of key milestones in the program, student progress feedback and the early identification of areas of specific graduate needs. The new program will be known as the Graduate Paramedic Internship Program (GPIP). 

The major improvements to the program are summarised below:

  • Clarification of the graduate’s role and drivers of success within the program;

  • The overlay of a detailed performance development framework that includes performance standards;

  • Includes changes within the program to meet the performance (milestone) standards requirements;

  • Includes a revised management process for graduates ‘at risk’ of not meeting the requirements of the program;

  • Includes additional clinical supervisor resources;

  • Development of an electronic platform.

The first of the revised GPIP has commenced for newly recruited graduates in QAS.  Graduates who have commenced the previous GPIP will continue on the original program until their completion.

GPIP’s deserve to know and understand about their rights and conditions within the workplace.

By being a member of United Voice, Queensland’s only registered union representing Paramedics, graduates are able to access United Voice through their delegate or organiser for advice and support.

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