The sector has now grown to over 3000 members.

This is due largely to member commitment, collectiveness, leadership and some great industrial wins over the past year. These wins have included:


  • delivery of substantial pay increases for all disciplines
  • many positive outcomes in member representation
  • continued involvement in the safety, health and wellbeing of all staff
  • securing the registration application fee reimbursement
  • full-time positions for long term PTS casuals
  • wins in lost leave time and underpayment of wages for EMDs
  • a positive in-principle agreement for our QGAir crew members
  • legal assistance for compensation claims
  • delivery of a prime professional indemnity insurance product
  • development and training for new delegates
  • supporting and assisting in graduate paramedic placements
  • improved access to accrued time leave, transfers¬† and flexible working arrangements

Congratulations United Voice members, working together you can all make a difference!

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