Union Calls For Meeting With Health Minister

United Voice has written two letters to Health Minister Lawrence Springborg seeking a meeting to discuss critical issues for ambulance members. The union wants to discuss the following:

  • increased risk to members and patients from higher fatigue that may flow from the QIRC ruling
  • growing concern about ramping and hospital bypass as reported by members
  • the impact of recent outsourcing of PTS and any further plans for privatisation and outsourcing
  • professional registration for ambulance officers in Queensland

We will keep you up to date on developments.


Ramping rampant … again

Contrary to Premier Campbell Newman’s comments on ABC radio yesterday morning and previously stated a number of times by his Ministers – ramping is not fixed.

In just the past week alone, ambulance officers have reported to United Voice that ramping, hospital bypass or bed capacity has occurred at:


Redlands and Logan

Hervey Bay


Sunshine Coast

Royal Brisbane

Prince Charles

That’s a lot of ramping for something that’s supposed to be fixed! United Voice will continue to take the message to the public. Follow these links to see just some of the media coverage:

ABC News Gympie Ramping

Cairns Post - Hospital Ramping

Existing conditions remain until Supplementary Decision implemented

All current working wages and conditions remain intact until the following two steps have occurred:

  1. the QIRC issues a Supplementary Decision (a practical interpretation of its original decision); and
  2. this Supplementary Decision has been properly implemented by QAS.

While the timetable for these two steps remains uncertain, United Voice is at loggerheads with QAS on how some of the original rulings should be implemented. We will keep you updated.

Check out this link for UV’s Ambulance video feature where your colleagues tell it like it is

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