Truth Exposed On Bypass and Ramping

United Voice has taken the truth about hospital bypass and ramping to the public through the media in the past week.

Despite multiple claims by Newman Government ministers that ramping has been fixed, reports by working ambulance officers to United Voice tell a different story.

If you know of similar stories, please contact your United Voice delegate or call the Ambo hotline on  07-3291 4550.

Click here and here to see the TV news stories.


Ambulance State Council meets

Your State Council representatives met last week to review the arbitration decision, hear feedback from the union’s state tour and discuss concerns from ambulance officers about the impact of government actions on patient care.

Importantly, they discussed the way to fight back against the government’s attacks on your conditions and your ability to provide safe and professional care. This will be the subject of another member tour in coming weeks.

Some State Councillors also took part in a special ambulance feature video looking at the real-life challenges you face, the attacks by the government on ambulance officers, the best way to represent ambulance officers and the way forward.  Keep an eye out for this feature video expected next week.

Ambulance officers going the extra mile for charity

We all know ambulance officers go above and beyond the call of duty every day of the week as part of their job. They also do this in their communities. Two of our members are currently training hard and fundraising for charity events. Peter Fiechtner is taking part in the RioTinto Ride to Conquer Cancer event. Click here to find out more information and donate.

Anna Pozzi is doing her bit to raise funds for the fight against Cancer, taking part in the Smiling for Smiddy Challenge. Anna said “What makes it worthwhile is having known Adam Smiddy, we swam in the same lane. I still to this day remember him letting us know he was going into hospital, he died 3 weeks later. So on his behalf we are living life to the full” Anna is taking part in the 10km swim for the charity. Click here to find out more information and donate.

A PDF version of this update can be accessed by clicking here.

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