The Save Our Weekend Campaign

The Save Our Weekend campaign to protect penalty rates is in full swing, with a period of intensive activities underway in the south east of the state.

Paramedic Bryce Hill, PTO Vicky Mian and Paramedic Lawrence Odlin

Penalty rates are currently threatened by the Productivity Commission, which will soon hand down its final report. Its interim report recommended reducing Sunday penalty rates to Saturday levels for retail and hospitality workers.

However, it’s clear that any attack on penalty rates for retail and hospitality would set a precedent and could eventually lead to attacks on penalty rates for all workers who rely on them, including Ambulance Officers.

Weekends are special for everyone and all workers who spend them working instead of spending time with family and friends deserve fair compensation.

If you’d like to join the campaign to Save our Weekend, please do so at by clicking here.

To download this as a PDF, click here.

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