The Real QAS to Privatise Patient Transport Services

United Voice will fight, from now until it is overturned, today’s announcement by Commissioner Bowles that patient transport will be privatised in Metro South.

Today’s announcement without consultation shows extraordinary arrogance and disdain by the government and QAS for you and your patients.



This is contrast to recent communications from Commissioner Bowles crying crocodile tears about your lost conditions. This is the real QAS. This is the real Government: major announcements by email that negatively impact on the lives of patients and Ambulance Officers.

We all know the potential disaster this is for patients. It seems the budget bottom line is more important to this government than patient care.

We have called for an urgent meeting with Commissioner Bowles, we will take your concerns directly to the public through the media and will launch our Code One campaign this week that – among other important things – calls on all politicians to reject privatisation of Ambulance services.

This will be an election issue – make no mistake. We need all Ambulance Officers on board, working together as one united voice, to put all politicians on notice: Attack Ambulance Officers at your peril!

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