The Fight of Your Lives

On Friday, QAS notified us of the outcomes they want to achieve through arbitration. They are now prepared to take away even more conditions than we initially thought.

QAS and the Newman Government are still saying ambulance officers should only get a 2.2% wage increase in exchange for the loss of even more conditions. 


This is only some of what you could lose

1. Roster projection cut from thirteen to three weeks.

How would you live your life if you could never plan ahead? 

What would you do about childcare arrangements, monthly appointments and family occasions?

2.Removal of meal overtime payment/arrangements

No meal overtime payments- how will this affect you?

What if there was no penalty to ensure QAS at least attempt to give you uninterrupted and clear breaks?

3.Removal of meal window

If you did manage to get a break, how would you like it if management gave it to you whenever they wanted?  Would you like to be forced to take your break just after you 
started your shift?  Is it ok if your 30 minute break is made up of lots of smaller 

What will they attack next????

You cannot afford to lose this fight. That’s why it is so important that everyone is in this together.  Talk to your workmates about why they need to join this fight. Contact your State Councillor or the Union office on 1800 065 885 to update membership details and find out how you can be involved.

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