Taskforce tackling assaults on ambulance officers

The Occupational Violence Taskforce made up of ambulance officers and representatives from United Voice, QAS, and QPS met on Friday 15 January with the aim of tackling the unacceptable assaults on ambulance officers.

The taskforce, which is aimed at improving the safety of officers in all areas of ambulance, focused on a variety of initiatives including improved, on-going de-escalation training for all ambulance officers. The new training package has been formed with the assistance of QPS and has been heavily influenced by training provided to QPS officers; it is set to be rolled out soon.

The need for greater communication between QAS and QPS was also tabled after many of you identified it in our survey as a key improvement to ensure officers are properly equipped when responding to a job. 

A number of Project Work Packages have been established to focus on the initiatives tabled so far including; improved training, greater communication between QAS and QPS, community education campaigns and technology improvements.

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