Talk first to an Ambulance Officer

With plenty of new members joining United Voice in recent months, we’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate the structure we use to resolve workplace issues.

This structure has been developed to ensure that your first port of call is always an experienced Ambulance Officer.

If you have a workplace issue, talk to your station delegate and see if they can help you resolve it.  If your delegate isn’t able to solve the issue, you should contact your State Councillor. We’ve attached a list of their names here and you can contact them via their work email.

Finally, if your State Councillor isn’t able to resolve the issue, you should contact a United Voice Organiser or ring the Ambo Hotline on 3291 4550.

If you have an issue that you’re struggling with that’s not work-related, remember that as part of your United Voice membership you get access to a free annual consultation with a Hall Payne lawyer. Contact the Ambo Hotline and they will arrange it for you.

To download this as a poster to keep, please click here.

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