Support for ambulance officers affected by domestic and family violence

United Voice commends the Ambulance Service for adopting a HR policy statement regarding support for employees affected by domestic and family violence. United Voice campaigned with the rest of the union movement for the State Government to recognise this serious issue and make changes to employment entitlements to support victims of domestic and family violence. 

Amongst other support mechanisms United Voice welcomes the introduction of paid leave for officers who experience domestic and family violence as of the 30th June 2017.   

The policy statement explains:

“The QAS is committed to providing up to 10 days per year paid special leave to assist all employees with matters arising from domestic and family violence.

This may include: attending medical, legal, police or counselling appointments; attending court and other legal proceedings; and organising alternative accommodation and care or education arrangements for any person.

The employee does not have to use other entitlements before accessing paid special leave. Leave can be taken as consecutive days, single days or a fraction of a day. An employee may also access other leave (including sick leave, carer’s leave, recreation leave, long service leave, flex time and accrued leave) to attend to matters arising from domestic and family violence.”

Access the full policy here.

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