Silent demonstration in Cairns

Congratulations to everyone who joined the silent demonstration in Cairns yesterday, and to all of you who shared images on social media in solidarity. 

The event was incredible and certainly made an impact on the community – we’ve had tens of thousands of views, shares and likes online and endless supportive comments from the public showing just how many Queenslanders are behind you all. The media coverage was broad and positive, further proof of how serious and important the issue of Zero Tolerance is. Check out our video HERE

The alleged offender wasn’t expecting to be met by such a large, strong group when he left the courthouse, the demonstration may have been silent but our presence was certainly loud! The matter has been adjourned until the 21st November. We’ll be in touch soon with more details of further demonstrations.

In the meantime you can help keep the campaign alive by taking a photo of yourself with one of the No Excuse for Abuse – Zero Tolerance posters we’ve been distributing to all LASNs and posting the photo on the Code One Facebook page or emailing it to Laura in the United Voice Communications team –  

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