Reply to Commissioner Bowles

United Voice’s airing of concerns about 1000 unfilled shifts came as a result of working Ambulance Officers getting active and telling us about what was happening on the ground. We followed up and the facts – provided by QAS itself through Right to Information – confirmed these concerns.

The public expect their Ambulance Service to fill their shifts regardless of predictable flu seasons. QAS needs more Ambos in general and more shifts especially during times when staff are impacted by illness. These are a key part of our Code One campaign.

Given that it was the state government and QAS itself that argued to strip away your meal overtime rights, provide a substandard pay rise and refuse a raft of important conditions called for by members, Commissioner Bowles pretence of concern about the impact of the arbitration on you is a transparent ruse.

Get active in the Code One campaign to follow the success of your Victorian colleagues who stood up and got the attention of the public and politicians.

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