Remuneration Inquiry Update 21 October 2016

It’s been a longer than expected process but we’re excited to announce that Mercer Consulting (Australia) pty ltd has been awarded the contract to provide the independent inquiry report into remuneration and work value.

As a result of a tendering process conducted from mid-September to mid-October 2016, an evaluation panel comprised of representatives from United Voice, Queensland Ambulance Service, and Queensland Health accepted Mercer to conduct the work.

The contract and tendering process was lengthy because it had to comply with strict procurement guidelines in accordance with Queensland Government policy.

Mercer is a global organisation and was ranked as the top HR consulting firm in 2014 and 2015. In order to tender the company had to meet the strict evaluation criteria, requiring: 

- Capability and relevant experience in providing reviews into the remuneration and value of work for identified Government professional roles.

- Compliance with requirements and the customer’s objectives.

 - Quality.

- Cost and value for money.

In order to ensure the best outcome and necessary input from you and your fellow members the Remuneration Inquiry will be paid for equally by both Queensland Ambulance Service and United Voice.

Mercer will officially begin work on the Inquiry on Monday 24 October 2016.

Inquiry and Report

Mercer will compare the remuneration of some key benchmark classifications within QAS, other ambulance services and the Queensland government. The key benchmark classifications do not represent every single classification under consideration, but enable a comprehensive comparison to be made. 

The work is expected to be comprehensive, realistic in scope and completed by May 2017.

Key benchmark occupations within QAS include:

-          Emergency Medical Dispatchers

-          Patient Transport Officers

-          Graduate Advanced Care Paramedics

-          Advanced Care Paramedics

-          Critical Care Paramedics

-          Clinical Support Officers

-          Supervisors

The other interstate ambulance services include:

-          New South Wales Ambulance Service

-          ACT Ambulance Service

-          Ambulance Victoria

-          Ambulance Tasmania

-          South Australia Ambulance Service

-          St John’s Ambulance (Western Australia) Inc.

-          St John’s Ambulance Australia (Northern Territory) Inc.

Queensland Government comparative occupational groups include:

-          Nurse (Graduate, Emergency Department nurse)

-          Fire fighter

A summary of the evidence to be collected, collated and analysed by Mercer includes:

Aligning key benchmark occupations within QAS with comparable occupations within other interstate ambulance services and undertaking a holistic review of supervisory structures between the ambulance services.

Alignment of key benchmark occupations within QAS and other comparable occupations within interstate ambulance services will be based upon relevant criteria, including:

-          Skills

-          Qualifications/educational requirements

-          Scope of practice

-          Length of service

-          Working environment

-          Work value assessment outcomes.

Analysing comparable remuneration applicable to the key benchmark positions within QAS and other interstate ambulance services. Key analysis to compare:

-          Base rate of pay

-          Total remuneration

-          Allowances

-          Increments and timeframes

-          Core entitlements such as leave and superannuation

-          Classification structure and relativities.

To assist in the above work, and validate some of the analysis, some work site inspections will be conducted.

Progress reports

Mercer’s work will take some time to complete as expected of a highly reputable independent expert consultancy.  We anticipate that the project will take 6 months to complete, concluding in May 2017. During this time QAS and United Voice will monitor progress reports.

It is a condition of co-funding the Mercer Report that neither QAS nor United Voice will release or divulge the content of the final Report, for a period of 30 days after receipt. With that timeline, we expect to have a clear understanding of the implications of the report by the end of May 2017. 

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