Remuneration Inquiry

Last week we sent you an important email outlining the plan for an upcoming Remuneration Inquiry and bargaining which was formalised by your United Voice Ambulance State Council. If you missed it you can view it online here:

Essentially your union will be calling on the State Government to commit to co-funding an independent remuneration inquiry to identify the true value of your work. The inquiry will thoroughly investigate the increasing complexity of the role of Ambulance Officers – including EMDs, PTOs and Paramedics – in delivering vital frontline healthcare services to Queenslanders. It’s set to be far broader and more comprehensive than a traditional work value case and we want to see it completed in no more than 12 months.

In the meantime, we’ll be demanding a 2.5 percent wage increase and calling for a guarantee that your present wages, conditions and entitlements are protected.

Upon completion of the inquiry bargaining will commence positioning us well to achieve the best possible outcome.  

We’ve had fantastic feedback on the ground from members across the state so far; there is a clear eagerness for the remuneration inquiry to get underway swiftly. Delegates, State Councillors and United Voice organisers will be in the field to seek your feedback and input, request your endorsement of the plan through signing a pledge of support for the campaign and to answer any of your questions.

You’ll also be receiving video messages throughout the process from United Voice Secretary Gary Bullock so keep an eye out for them.  

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