Remuneration Inquiry

The Remuneration Inquiry is progressing.

Mercer consultants are currently gathering detailed information and examining extensive documentation about the QAS structure and the various work roles.

Site visits were conducted at the Emergency Services Complex, Kedron  where preliminary interviews were conducted with senior staff, union delegates and officials.

Mercer recently visited the Queensland Ambulance Education Centre (“QASEC”), communications training centre in Woolloongabba.

At QASEC, Mercer met with educators, trainers, QAS and United Voice representatives .

At the communications training centre, Mercer received comprehensive briefings about Emergency Call Takers, Dispatch, Supervisors, Educators and Trainers roles, and how they fit within the service.

Mercer observed “EMD” recruits undertaking intensive training.

Mercer site visits will take place in December within  QASEC, Metro North, Metro South, and Sunshine Coast LASN’s, including Whyte Island, South Brisbane Station, SEQ Patient Transport, Kedron ICP Station, Brisbane Operations Centre, and in Maroochydore, Caloundra and Caboolture.

Further site visits will occur in the New Year.

United Voice, QAS and Mercer are currently collating broader relevant information from interstate ambulance services and associated union representatives, in order to analyse comparative roles and what they get paid.

United Voice, QAS and Mercer are meeting regularly to discuss the Inquiry's progress and to ensure that timelines are met. 

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