Remuneration Inquiry On The Cards

Recently, the Ambulance State Council formalised its plan around an upcoming Remuneration Inquiry, bargaining and more.

We will soon be publicly calling on Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick and his Government to commit to co-funding an independent remuneration inquiry to identify the true value of your work.

The inquiry should thoroughly investigate the increasing complexity of the role of Ambulance Officers – including EMDs, PTOs and Paramedics – in delivering vital frontline healthcare services to Queenslanders.

It should also provide a thorough analysis of where remuneration for your work sits alongside other ambulance services and comparable professions across Australia.

This Inquiry would be far broader and more comprehensive than a traditional work value case and we will be asking for a commitment from the Government that it be completed in no more than 12 months.

In the meantime, we’ll be demanding a 2.5 percent wage increase. We will also call for a guarantee that your present wages, conditions and entitlements are protected.

We don’t intend to commence bargaining before the completion of the inquiry as we know that the best results for members will be achieved once the inquiry has made its recommendations.

Your State Council is contacting members shortly to seek endorsement for this plan.

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