QAS Unable To Implement New Meal Provisions

Following the final order of the QIRC this week, the QAS will be caught short unable to properly implement the new meal provisions for which they pushed so hard.

In an embarrassing twist, the QAS will not have an updated time sheet program to calculate the new orders that came into effect from Monday 28th July. In the interim, QAS will calculate meal provisions on the now outdated 2010 Agreement.

In effect, this will amount to the QAS overpaying members until the new system is operational.

United Voice Secretary Gary Bullock will demand a guarantee direct from Commissioner Bowles that the QAS will not reclaim overpayments from members. We will keep you updated on developments.

This week’s ruling by the QIRC means:     

  • The Queensland Ambulance Service Determination 2010 has been revoked as of midnight July 27th 2014
  • Apart from the first wage increase of 2.2% back paid from the 2nd December 2013 – all other provisions of the 2013 Determination will operate as from Monday July 28th
  • QAS failed to have the meaning of “emergent circumstances” defined within the 2013 Determination, with the QIRC noting that the existing expressions “… seems to have operated reasonably successfully…”
  • Wage rates will be rounded to the nearest dollar (remembering that QAS wanted the wage rates rounded to the nearest ten dollars)
  • The new meal provisions will be operative as from July 28th 2014.
  • The 2013 Determination in its entirety has yet to be released by the QIRC


Townsville holiday leave mismanagement

United Voice members in the Townsville LASN report they are regularly asked to forgo the first day of annual leave to work, so that the LASN can avoid having to manage a midnight finish. 

These same members have now received overpayment claims for leave loading despite applying for their leave in excess of 12 months in advance. 

Members should be aware of their following rights:

  • You are entitled to the annual leave you have applied for and have been granted.
  • If you work past midnight into your annual leave, you are to be paid the appropriate overtime rate, and a day’s annual leave reaccredited to you.

We find it difficult to understand how the Townsville LASN can possibly view this as an “emergent circumstance” given more than 12 months’ notice has been provided for leave requirements.

The behaviour reported by members in Townsville is mismanagement bludging off the good will of members to prop up fundamental under resourcing.

If this is happening in your area please contact the Ambo Hotline on 07-3291 4550

To download a PDF of this decision, click here

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