Professional Registration fees announced

United Voice notes the release yesterday (Tuesday, 26 June) from the Paramedicine board of Australia detailing the registration costs for Paramedics both upfront and annual in order for paramedics to be registered to perform their job later this year.

While there was always an expectation of some cost involved, this double hit to the back pocket is not welcomed by the many members and delegates of United Voice based on the the feedback pouring in to the Union office and to Delegates on the ground.
United Voice will be calling on the QAS to foot the bill for this cost in order to ensure they have a workforce ready and able to participate come registration. It is understood that with professional registration this would be part of the package it was not understood there would be a double hit of this magnitude for our members.
We understand the registration fee is not dictated by QAS or any other employer however they can come to the table and ensure their current workforce is supported through this process.

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