Professional Indemnity Insurance

In our most recent round of bargaining, United Voice pursued a claim for QAS to provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for all members of the union.

QAS refused the claim.

United Voice heard the voice of members and is now providing Professional Indemnity Insurance included in your membership fees.

From 1 July 2014 all financial United Voice members working in Ambulance services will be covered by the United Voice Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy. This policy operates in situations where an eligible financial member is unable to obtain indemnity for such a claim from his or her employer at the relevant time.

Indemnity Insurance will give ambulance officers the peace of mind needed to focus on your primary concern – delivering quality ambulance services for the community.


All current financial members of United Voice working in Ambulance services are covered.

What am I covered for?

You are covered for necessary and reasonable costs and expenses incurred (with the insurer’s prior written consent), in defending, investigating or settling any civil liability claims made against you after 1 July 2014 that result from the conduct of your professional services. This means it covers you for civil suits resulting from incidents that occur at work.*

*: Specific exclusions apply. For details and advice relating to a potential claim, please contact United Voice on 1800 065 885.

How do I make my claim?

You must contact United Voice as soon as possible once you are aware of a claim against you or as soon as you first become aware of facts or circumstances that might give rise to a claim against you. Only United Voice can assist you with your Indemnity Insurance.

When will I not be covered?

You will not be covered for civil liability claims made against you resulting from any act, error or omission occurring or committed prior to 1 July 2014;

There are additional specific exclusions to the policy including but not limited to claims arising from intoxication; dishonest, fraudulent or malicious acts or omissions.

This document should not be regarded as legal advice. For more information on any claim or potential claim you may make, please contact United Voice on 1800 065 885.


This document is issued as a matter of information only and confers no rights upon the holder.  It does not amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the policy.  It is provided as a brief summary only of the cover provided and is current only at the date of issue.  For full particulars, reference must be made to the current policy wording.



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