Ongoing Caller Journey Training for EMD’s

As the new year approaches a new education package has been formulated for EMD`s to receive modernised education and understanding in relation to difficult and challenging callers through verbal engagement of the caller; thus establishing a collaborative relationship between caller and EMD. Experience has shown that if such interventions are undertaken in a timely manner with genuine commitment, successful outcomes can occur far more often than previously thought possible. This will be delivered as an extension of the caller journey initiative.

In these infrequent instances this education aims to provide strategies and techniques that will assist the EMD in understanding:

  • what a challenging situation is;

  • why its normal for some callers to behave in this manner; and

  • how to influence the situation.

This will allow for the caller and EMD to experience positive interaction, leading to the best possible outcomes for patients and attending crews.

Positive verbal discussion is usually the key to engaging the caller and helping them become an active partner with the use of positive language, allowing the caller to manage their emotions and distress and maintain or regain control of their behaviour. Learning the skills of verbal engagement will better prevent crises and benefit the EMD in their workplace by using these techniques to remain in control of situations.

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