Occupational Violence Taskforce Latest

At the latest taskforce working group a number of key objectives were examined in greater detail including the public education campaign, post incident response and support strategies and structures, and clinical practice and patient safety.

The Health Departments Director of Communications presented the proposed public awareness campaign to the group. United Voice was involved in helping build the concept idea so the final draft shared with the group was strong and supported by wide reaching research and testing; if implemented properly it has the ability to be very affective.  Filming of the television commercial took place last night; some of your colleagues were on set to ensure realistic scenarios and responses occurred.  The television commercial will be run for between six and eight weeks and supported by both online and print advertising. While United Voice welcomes the current public campaign plan we want to see a clear, long term plan for public engagement built to ensure it has the best impact possible. United Voice is also keen to see future commitments from the Government to roll out the television commercial again should it be successful this time around.

The post incident and response strategies presented by QPS were comprehensive and appeared to cover the extensive issues ambulance officers deal with in the wake of both attacks and distressing sceneries more broadly. 

Unfortunately, there is more work to be done in the area of clinical practice and patient care. United Voice has some concerns about the balance between the increasing number of drugs paramedics are being trained to administer and the extensive restrictions around their ability to actually undertake administration. Your Union highlighted this as a key area of concern and will continue to investigate how improvements can be reached.  

Additionally, United Voice raised the issue of SHE reports with QAS directly a number of weeks ago and is awaiting a response to our calls for there to be a system that is both easy to use and accessible remotely removing the need for paramedics to go into station to complete one. We will keep you posted on the response. 

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