No Overpayment Win

United Voice has been given a verbal guarantee by QAS that it will not claim back any overpayment on meal overtime despite the 2013 Determination coming into effect last month.

A previous bulletin highlighted that QAS was not ready to practically implement the new changes it fought for thus leaving members vulnerable to overpayment claims. A commitment was sought by United Voice and given by QAS.

We welcome the fact that common sense prevailed in this case and we await written confirmation of the guarantee. Once received, we will advise in the next e-bulletin.


Why take a risk without Professional Indemnity?

United Voice is not prepared to risk the livelihood of Ambulance Officers by putting blind trust in the government and other employers when it comes to Professional Indemnity Insurance.

There has been some ill-advised and risky advice to some Ambulance Officers that such insurance is not necessary.

United Voice has paid for additional Professional Indemnity Insurance – free to all United Voice members – to provide security and peace of mind.

We took this action because members told us they wanted it and because we know of cases where the employer’s cover left members at risk. United Voice will not take that risk.

Help a mate in his cancer battle

Your colleague Eben Jefford at Redland Bay is facing the toughest fight of his life against cancer and he needs your help. Click here to download the flyer with details on how to donate.

Spread the word, take up a collection or do what you can to help a mate. United Voice executive, officials and staff will take up a collection tomorrow to help Eben and his family in this difficult time.

Minister ignores majority of Ambulance Officers

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg is ignoring the professional and industrial needs of the vast majority of Ambulance Officers by not replying to a United Voice letter seeking a meeting.

We sought a meeting with the Minister and a small delegation of working Ambulance Officers to discuss health and safety; ramping and hospital by pass; privatisation; and professional registration.

We would be concerned if the strong stand of members against ambulance services privatisation, ramping and fatigue is the reason for not pursuing useful talks. In fact, we believe we would find some common ground especially in regard to professional registration. 

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