Negotiations update

Since the last member update (28/07) United Voice State Councillors have been meeting via teleconference to closely follow the progress of QAS receiving formal approval to negotiate with United Voice. There has been constant contact with the government to ensure this process is moving as quickly as possible, however the machinery of government is not quick. United Voice State Councillors have reported how frustrated members on the ground are around the length of time this process is taking. 

Let us be clear, United Voice State Council's non-negotiable position for the agreement, which will contain the outcomes of the remuneration inquiry, is to operate from 1 September 2017.

Approval has been granted by the government for QAS to formally commence negotiations. The first meeting is scheduled for Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of August and meetings will be held over two days each week until a proposal is ready for members to vote on.

Once there is a proposal that United Voice State Council believes is the best that can be negotiated you will get your chance to have your say via a ballot. A series of meetings will once again be held around the state to inform members of the details of the proposed agreement.

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