NCAU Conference report

The National Council of Ambulance Unions (NCAU) annual conference was recently held in Tasmania.

It was a great opportunity for each state to come together and share ideas and strategies affecting the Ambulance sector.

Matt Lynch (QAS Bundaberg) and Mick Mahoney (QAS Jimboomba) did a fantastic job representing you and your fellow Queensland members at this year’s event.

The conference theme focused on wellness, peer support and mental health in emergency services. Guest speakers from Beyond Blue and Worker’s Health highlighted the importance of good mental health and the difficulties and impact many emergency workers face when trying to balance work whilst maintaining a ‘normal’ family life.

Industrial reports from each state clearly highlighted a number of common issues faced by ambulance officers across the nation including; ramping, fatigue and meal management. In each state union members continue to work on resolving these issues whilst continuing to provide the best possible patient care.

National Registration of Paramedics Implementation Committee also gave an update on the project. Whilst the date and timeline is yet to be confirmed, United Voice members can be proud that a draft policy will be authored in Queensland prior to implementation across the country. The registration scheme will lead to increased safety for the Queensland public by ensuring that paramedics are recognised by law as holding specific qualifications and skill sets.

NCAU annual general meeting was held during the conference and Michael Formica was re-elected as vice-president – congratulations Michael!

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