Mercer: the results are in

Mercer: the results are in

The extensive Mercer Remuneration Inquiry Report is in, and shows the following key findings:

  • QAS compares well regarding conditions and allowances, but
  • QAS is the lowest paid service on most job classifications.
  • The extent to which remuneration is below other services varies across the board.

The report compares QAS job classifications with other ambulance services, and relative remuneration including pay rates, increments, pay point progression, allowances and other entitlements.

Where to from here?

On Thursday and Friday, the United Voice ambulance state council endorsed the Mercer report, agreeing that it should form the basis for negotiating an improved wages and classification structure to bring Queensland up to comparative levels with other services.

State Council also resolved a preference for a new certified agreement, with bargaining expected to begin during July.


United Voice State Council give a big thumbs up to the Mercer remuneration report

Meetings will now be held across the state as we prepare for bargaining. Please click here to find your nearest meeting.

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