Members swamp new confidential number and help get wins

More than 100 members have sent reports on fatigue, missed breaks, ramping and other issues to United Voice’s new confidential mobile number.

The intelligence we received meant your union officials and delegates were fully briefed on the reality of ramping and fatigue when we met with Health Minister Springborg and Commissioner Bowles last week. And we had some wins on issues important to you.

It is critical that all members file SHE Reports on missed breaks. This raw data will help prove our case as we continue to take the issue up with the Commissioner.

We need your intelligence on the new phone line, 0408 772 482, but we also need you to fill in your SHE Reports.

The on-the-ground intelligence provided by the 100+ members couldn’t be argued with and the Minister acknowledged ramping was, again, an issue. He committed to involving United Voice on a revamped MEDAI.

In a second win, Commissioner Bowles reluctantly agreed to relook at whole issue of fatigue and missed breaks and to meet with the union to address it. Your help is appreciated and it is making a difference.

We respect every member’s right to confidentiality and your details will not be provided. It is always an individual choice to use such a hotline. Remember, the number is: 0408 772 482.

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