Members helping ensure you know about the remuneration inquiry

Lawrence Odlin, Metro North paramedic and United Voice delegate, has recently joined the United Voice team to help ensure all members have a clear understanding of the remuneration inquiry. Lawrence nominated for the role because he wanted to be able to represent members in the workforce, to better working conditions and the remuneration package.... 

Lawrence has been spending most of his time in Metro North informing and educating the wider QAS workforce including PTOs, EMDs and Paramedics on what the remuneration inquiry is and how it is going to benefit all the members.

“It has a great potential in providing us a much better remuneration package and a better quality of life after the findings have been signed off,” explained Lawrence.

“It is important that people come together so that we have a united front and to be fighting for what is right and to be recognised and remunerated accordingly. Because at the moment we just don’t have that recognition and we need to fight together in order to move forward as a profession.”

Lawrence says this opportunity has not only allowed him to meet his fellow members but more importantly learn about the issues concerning them and help be part of the solution.

“It’s been a fantastic opportunity to hear people’s concerns and then to come back and push that up the chain of command for that to be addressed in the future activities such as the EBA.”

While improvements won’t happen overnight Laurence is keen to ensure all ambulance officers know it’s coming, as long as there is strength in numbers.

“If not you then who, and if not now, when. We need people to step up to the plate and become members and increase our membership base to strengthen our clout and demonstrate to the government that we mean business,” said Lawrence.

You can find out more about the remuneration inquiry online here.


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