Ambo State Council rates LNP on Code One

Your State Council had an urgent email meeting last night to assess the Liberal National Party’s response to your vision to revive the service in the Code One Action Plan. The letter was received late yesterday afternoon and not signed by either Campbell Newman or his Deputy Jeff Seeney – it was signed by the party’s state director.

State Council assessed the LNP’s response as 2.5 out of 10. See a summary comparison between the two parties here. Your reps awarded the LNP a full point for:

  • Introduction of professional registration

They awarded the LNP a half point for:

  • No privatisation of QAS communications
  • Increased opportunities for skill maintenance and development
  • Increase of net Ambulance numbers by 600 over three years

No points were awarded for:

  • No privatisation of QAS patient transfer
  • Fixing the Ambulance fatigue crisis
  • Rostering best practice emergency dispatch and patient records
  • Introduction of professional pay rates and superannuation paid on total earning
  • Introduction of medical discharge pension – similar to Police
  • Reinstatement of collective rights and maintenance f all existing conditions

See the full LNP response here and judge for yourself. You will receive a letter from United Voice today or tomorrow that was sent before the LNP’s last minute response was received late yesterday afternoon.

At that point, State Council had rated the LNP’s lack of response as a zero. State Council urgently convened last night so we could update you on the LNP response. Please take this bulletin and the social media posts this morning as the update on the LNP position. 

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