PTOs Furious at Cabbie Slur

Angry Patient Transfer Officers have reported being sent an email from an Operations Supervisor referring to them as ‘cabbies’.

The email was sent advising PTOs of vacant shifts and told them to “put your cabbie hats on”.

Such demeaning language devalues the professionalism and importance of PTOs who have proven to be a vital service to many terminally and seriously ill Queenslanders.

It also smacks of the same demeaning attitude that underpins the State Government’s privatisation agenda.

We recommend the writer of the email ask some of the patients who depend on our PTOs whether they’d be happy to swap for a cabbie. 

Fatigue management needs review

The current Fatigue Management Policy is outdated and doesn’t take into account the full range of pressures facing Ambulance Officers.

It’s time for an overhaul and United Voice Secretary Gary Bullock has written to QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles calling for a review involving your union and its representative working Ambulance Officers.

We’ll keep you posted on this issue that goes to the heart of your health and safety and that of the public you serve.

Click here to read the full letter to Commissioner Bowles.

Ramping rolls on

Our members have reported that ramping at the Sunshine Coast continues despite efforts by the government to gloss over the facts.

On Monday evening, hospitals at Nambour, Noosa and Caloundra were at extreme capacity and Gympie was at capacity, according to members.

This issue is on the list of things United Voice has put on the agenda in its recent call for a meeting with the Health Minister. There has been no correspondence in reply to date, but we will persist and keep you up to date.

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