Join the 140 who have downloaded our App

In less than two weeks 140 Ambulance Officers have downloaded United Voice’s Ambo App – and now it’s your turn (if you haven’t already). The App also won recognition in the highly-regarded Annual Labour Day Communications Awards last week.

The Ambo App provides members with a portal to register important data on workplace issues such as missed meal breaks, shift extensions and ramping. It is also a gateway to union news, social media and the website with all its resources.

The primary purpose, other than a communications portal, is to gather data to help us mount our case with government on these critical issues. As such, please continue to call the Ambo Hotline on (07) 3291 4550 if you have an issue needing a direct response from the union.

All information sent through the App will be kept confidential from QAS and please download it on your personal devices, not a QAS device.

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