Jennifer Miran embraces spirit of Anna Stewart

Cairns-based State Councillor Jen Miran has just completed a two-week course with United Voice as part of the Anna Stewart program. Anna Stewart was a leading Australian unionist who died at the age of 35 but was credited with leading many important causes for working women.

Jen spent two weeks working with United Voice and going on the road with the education, childcare and manufacturing teams. She also went on the road with the Rail Tram and Bus Union.

“It’s been a great experience to get a behind the scenes view of the work that United Voice is doing not only in the ambulance sector but just how vital United Voice is in other industries as well,” Jen said.

“Unions are without a doubt the lifeline to fair work practice in Australia. They are constantly working in the background to give their members a fair and safe environment in which to work and provide a living.” 

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