Important Ambulance Officer Survey

Following the shocking and unacceptable stabbing attack of a Fraser Coast paramedic and United Voice member on Friday and the introduction of body cameras for police the issue of cameras – both on body and in-vehicle – has been raised once again.

When you were asked about this issue earlier in the year the majority voted against the installation of such devices with many saying they could impede on patient privacy and potentially inhibit your ability to gain the necessary trust of your patients. However, United Voice feels it’s an important issue and one that requires a clear conscious by ALL members. For this reason we are asking that every United Voice member take part in this important survey.

All members have been sent an email and text message with a link to the survey (please check your junk mail in case it has been caught there). If you have not received either please email Elise Meakin via with your: Full name, current email address (private and work) and mobile number with AMBULANCE SURVEY in the subject line. 

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