Griffith University Survey

As reported in our last bulletin United Voice is co-funding a project commissioning Griffith University to research and investigate employment conditions to identify issues around services and support provided to QAS staff.

As part of the data collecting process, over the next 2 – 3 months, a two-part survey will be conducted. A random sample of members will be contacted by phone to participate in the survey. 

The survey is an important element of having an independent assessment of different parts of the ambulance officer experience.

Perhaps one of the most uncomfortable parts of the survey will be the questions about drug and alcohol use. Please be assured that the survey data is anonymised and nobody will be able to link individuals to their responses. This is a key platform in Griffith University’s commitment to national research ethics protocols.

As such we encourage you to be open and honest because the best way to push for improvements is to have quality data as evidence. It will be best if the survey can be completed while you are not working so there is a higher likelihood of uninterrupted time.

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