Good news for patient transport officers

As a result of talking to members and seeking industrial advice from their organisers, PTO delegates have recently bought up several issues at a LASN and state level which have resulted in some positive outcomes. Two key issues and outcomes are listed below

1. The orange lights that are on the new vehicles have been an issue, particularly outside of the metro areas after dark, where vehicles were not being clearly identified as an emergency vehicle.

This has now been acted upon, with all new vehicles to be fitted with red lights and existing vehicles to have the orange lights replaced.

2. Powered stair chairs have been sought for some time as a standard piece of equipment for vehicles in the metro area where there are a large number of multistorey dwellings. PTO’s often find it difficult to assist with patients who are challenged using stairs.

QAS have listened to concerns and are now in the process of choosing the most suitable chair so it can go out to tender.

We also hope to have some good news around upskilling patient transport officers. Something our members have been requesting for some time now. It is still in its infancy, and details have not been finalised, but keep watching this space.

Well done PTO members, by working together you are achieving good things.

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