Getting social

Unfortunately, we’re seeing significant increases in members contacting the union to solve disputes that have arisen from social media posts.

It’s important to remember that everything you post on social media can easily be made public, even if you think you’re posting it to a secure or private space like a closed group.

The rule we advise members to follow online is to never post anything on social media you wouldn’t be happy seeing attributed to you in the newspaper.

Social media is viewed as a major form of public communication and can be used against you in the legal system when it comes to conduct such as defamation, bullying and harassment, contempt etc.

If you do run into strife after something you’ve posted, please seek advice from your delegate or state councillor before attending any disciplinary meetings.

Alternatively, phone the Ambo Hotline on 3291 4550.

The QAS Social Media policy can be found at, or in the resources section of the Ambulance App.

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