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Incorrect signage and misleading information has been circulating about section 140FA of the Industrial Relations Act 1999. 

We want to ensure all members have the facts about what the following actually means:

“140FA Requirement about variation of minimum wages. For a periodic review, the commission may make a determination varying the rates of minimum wages in a modern award only if the commission is satisfied the variation is justified by work value reasons.”

For this small extract to make sense it must be read in conjunction with the award review provision (140F Periodic reviews of a modern award) which states:

“The commission must review a modern award (a periodic review) as soon as practicable after each 4th anniversary of the making of the award.”  

This essentially means the industrial commission could decide to hear arguments about increasing the minimum ambulance award rates BUT not for another four years and they would be restricted to considering only the ‘work value reasons’ and not the comparative wage justice arguments. It would mean any industrial commission decision would only apply to minimum award rates.

We don’t want to wait four years before even starting a lengthy, narrow case in the industrial commission, and then wait another few years, for a decision which only affects the minimum award rates. The remuneration inquiry is a fair and independent inquiry into the actual remuneration paid to ambulance employees and will result in the best possible outcome for you and your colleagues.

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