Ferno Sim a Chance to Develop new skills

The recent Ferno Sim Challenge, held at the Paramedics Australasia International Conference, was a chance for our Paramedics to once again show other organisations and states what we’re made of.

The objective of the Ferno Australia Paramedic Simulation Challenge (FernoSim) is  “to create a fun, challenging and educational experience for emergency medical personnel that results in them being better prepared for the myriad challenges that they may encounter in the field.”

Our team included Simon Houstoun, Casey James, Lawrence Odlin and Kroy Day.

“Ferno Sim was a rewarding experience and it was useful to see what teams from the rest of the world were doing,” Simon said.

“It was a great, fun challenge and we look forward to doing more of the same next year.

“The conference itself was also very informative and the lecturers and presenters had a great deal to say about the future of our profession.”

United Voice is a proud financial sponsor of Paramedics Australasia.

Simon Houstoun hard at work during the Ferno Sim Challenge 2015.


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