Fatigue? What Fatigue Policy?

Imagine being told by your LASN General Manager that you couldn’t take a break in a comfy chair – in breach of the Fatigue Management policy and procedure.

Well, according to United Voice members in Mackay, that’s exactly what they have to put up with.

All LASN General Managers, including Mr Jamie Cunnington, ought to know the provisions of the Fatigue Management policy and procedure that clearly states a valid strategy for combating fatigue is:

Promotion of the use of napping to reduce fatigue risk during work time…”

Given the appalling workplace health and safety record of the QAS one would have thought its senior managers could at least conform to such a basic WH&S policy as fatigue management. 

United Voice urges members in Mackay to comply with the provisions of the Fatigue Management Policy and use the facilities at the station such as the lounge chairs to manage fatigue. 

Any direction to members to prevent them from doing so should immediately be reported to your United Voice delegate.

Similarly, if this ridiculous position has been adopted by management outside Mackay, please report it to your delegate or United Voice.


Ambos join fight to protect penalty rates:

It’s not just the Newman Government that is attacking penalties and allowances – as ambos saw with Meal Allowances – but the Abbott Government is lining up to have a go at the national level.

It’s no surprise that one of your interstate ambo colleagues was picked to be one of the leaders of a national proactive joint-union campaign to head off the penalty rate attack. United Voice, on behalf of its Ambulance and other members, is a key union in the campaign to protect your rights.

Click here to watch your colleague in action – and join the Protect Penalty Rates campaign.  

We have recently seen the Federal Government openly support cases brought by big business to Fair Work Australia to abolish week end penalty rates.  This occurred in the hospitality industry where employers argued penalties were exorbitant, made business unviable and that weekends no longer held any meaningful significance.

Members who attended or followed the Ambulance arbitration will note the similarity in the argument used by QAS to limit wage increases – “we can’t afford it”.

This sets up a dangerous precedent that will expand into other industries, possibly the Ambulance industry.

It is for these reasons that your union has joined a campaign to protect penalty rates before there is a concerted effort to remove them. And an ambo is help leading the charge!

QIRC to settle Arbitration disagreements

United Voice and QAS have been in discussions since the final Arbitration on May 28th to try to agree on the practical interpretation of the decision. This is important because it sets out how the formal decision should be implemented in practice and, therefore, can have an impact on members.

While much of this draft document is not in dispute, there is clear disagreement on some key interpretations of the meal provisions and ‘clarification’ clauses the QAS want in the final document.

In areas of disagreement, the QIRC will be required to ultimately decide the contents of the determination. We will keep you updated on progress and what it means in practice for members.

Click here to access a copy of this update in PDF form.

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