Fatigue Management Group achieves win for Paramedic fatigue

The Code One campaign has achieved a big win in the ongoing battle against fatigue, with a firm commitment from QAS to implement Emergency Availability standard operating procedures.

The commitment has been made as an outcome from the work of the Fatigue Management Group (FMG), formed in direct response to the Labor Government’s commitment to work with United Voice to tackle fatigue among Paramedics.

The procedure effectively means if you get a call during a fatigue break and you haven’t called on case before being stood down, the clock re-sets and you are not expected to begin your next shift until 10 hours after that time.

You will still finish your shift at the same time and get paid for the full shift.

Congratulations to those involved in securing this win for members. It will make a significant difference to the way fatigue is managed on the ground.

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