Enterprise Bargaining Update

There have been meetings of United Voice members occurring across the state over the last weeks to provide information and seek endorsement on the negotiated points around your pay and entitlements. The information sessions, which were held both at stations and by phone hook-ups to the regional and remote areas, have been well attended. Overwhelming support has been expressed from the majority of members around the proposed enhanced classification structure and the adjustments to the base rate of pay in line with the recommendations from the Mercer Remuneration Inquiry.

If you haven’t been able to see the detail of the proposed agreement, or would like to seek more detailed information around your personal circumstances based on your role and roster, please seek out your local area state councillor or United Voice organiser who will be able to provide this information.

Negotiations continued on Wednesday the 20th September where, based on the feedback from member meetings, we have been able to reach an in principal agreement in order to progress through the rest of the steps to have the agreement certified. It was important to do this before the end of the month in order to preserve the 1st of September application date for any new agreement. This means that the bulk of the issues that have been the topic of negotiations have agreed positions and the finer details of the drafting of the document will continue in order for certification to proceed.

The team of United Voice negotiators and the broader State Council have worked incredibly hard to achieve the outcomes that have been able to be reached so far, giving up a lot of their own time and ensuring they have been communicating as broadly as possible during the process which has lead us to the results we see to date. The fact that we have been able to reach an agreed outcome with QAS rather than moving towards an arbitrated decision is a testament to the work this group of rank and file union leaders were willing to do in the lead up to this process to properly support their claims. 

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