Enterprise Bargaining Update

On Sunday 16th July your United Voice representatives for the upcoming bargaining negotiations came together to discuss the process moving forward to implement the findings of the Mercer Remuneration Inquiry to deliver increases to Ambulance Officers base rate of pay.

Your negotiators as endorsed by United Voice Ambulance State Council are:

  • Jen Miran - LARU Cairns 
  • Michelle Mantgaris - EMD Comms
  • Adam Harders - CCP Townsville 
  • Alistair Vagg - OIC Central QLD
  • Michael Formica - ACP Wide Bay
  • Tamara Hutley - ACP Sunshine Coast
  • John Millwood - ACP West Moreton
  • Trish Harmon - PTS Metro South
  • Bret Fournier - ACP Gold Coast
  • Torrin Nelson - CSO Metro South

A preliminary meeting was held with representatives of the QAS IR and Treasury on Monday 17th July. At this meeting agreement was reached on the negotiating protocols for the upcoming series of meetings to be held to progress a certified agreement which will include an enhanced classification structure. 

Disappointingly the QAS have not received authority to negotiate from the state government under the CBRC Treasury process. This meant the QAS were not able to table any figures or real detail on their proposed classification structure at this meeting. It is understood they have put significant work into submissions to government in order to gain this approval however authority has not been granted at this stage.

QAS and the government have been put on notice that the operative date for this agreement can be no later than 1 September 2017.

Your union negotiators will continue to work on a proposal to table at future negotiations which will address the areas of wage parity in equity outlined in the remuneration inquiry. Until the QAS have authority to negotiate and table their proposal with some knowledge around what government have approved funding for, the negotiators have determined not to table or discuss possible outcomes with QAS. It is up to them to tell us what they think is fair given the facts contained in the remuneration report.

At this stage the quantum of available funds for this exercise is unknown. United Voice have put the government on notice that if that quantum approved doesn’t address wage parity with the rest of the country and the other government agencies compared in the remuneration inquiry, the negotiators will not be endorsing the agreement to Ambulance employee members of United Voice. 

This will mean ambulance officers who are members of United Voice may, if deemed necessary, embark on protected industrial action in order to have the state government apply the appropriate funding to resolve the current unacceptable situation regarding ambulance employees’ base rate of pay.

Click here to view the resolution of Ambulance State Council, in particular point 7 which endorses this course of action on behalf of members.

If ambulance employees wish to participate in this action they will need to be financial members of United Voice. If ambulance employees expect government to approve the kind of funding needed to address the current wage shortfall they should also expect there may well be a need for this kind of action.

If you have colleagues who have until this point been sitting on the fence in regards to joining the union, now is the time for them to step up and join you in this moment in time to finally get wage parity addressed. It has been over ten years since ambulance employees have been able to vote on a negotiated agreement around their wages and classification structure. Arbitrated determinations are all a proportion of the workforce has ever experienced. This is the time now, more than ever in the last 10 years, to step up and be part of this process.

Your United Voice State Council delegates will be keeping you informed of any movement in this process as information comes to hand.

Click here for the key principles that underpin the United Voice proposal around a new classification structure.

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