EMD – Safety Taskforce Update

As we have previously reported to members, one of the 15 recommendations arising from the Safety Taskforce is the ongoing delivery of SAFE2 training for frontline paramedics and PTO’s.

United Voice wants to ensure that all staff are provided the opportunity to learn current strategies and techniques to keep them safe on the job. Therefore, United Voice called on QAS to revise current education systems and develop a modernised training package for EMD’s. 

As a result the Managing Challenging Situations and Callers Program was established and has been rolling out across State Operation Centres these past few months.

Key focus areas of the course include:

1. Understanding and dealing with challenging situations

2. Influencing through language

3. Navigating difficult and complex behaviours though positivity

4. Nurturing emotional intelligence

5. Building resilience

Post course feedback has been predominately positive around content, acquisition of new skills and relevance to the work of EMD’s.

Thank you to our members who have provided feedback. If you wish to provide further feedback, contact your delegate or organiser. Alternatively, download the Ambo App and leave a message on the Union Tip Off.

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