Cribbing the meal break

United Voice is aware some LASNs may try to change so-called ‘crib’ breaks in what could be a breach of your lawful entitlements.

United Voice will not tolerate any attempt to reduce entitlements under the guise of policy change. Please let your delegate, State Councillor or the Ambo Hotline know if your LASN is trying to mess with your meals. 

Your entitlements include:

  • Under Clause 24 of the 2013 Determination, members are entitled to rest pauses as required throughout their shift. The number and duration is not specified and QAS is not required to administer them; and
  • Under Clause 25, members are entitled to 30-minute meal breaks, the number of which depends on the shift length. Flexibility for operational convenience is allowed on location and there are provisions for broken meal allowances and meal overtime.

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