Answering Your Questions About the Remuneration Inquiry

United Voice recently called on the State Government to co-fund a remuneration inquiry into your pay. We told them we’d be seeking a 2.5% INTERIM pay increase and did not plan to commence bargaining until we’d completed the inquiry. You can re-read the initial email here.

What is a Remuneration Inquiry and why is it bigger than bargaining or a traditional work value case?

A remuneration inquiry would thoroughly investigate the increasing complexity of the role of ALL Ambulance Officers.

It would provide a thorough analysis of where remuneration for your work compares with other ambulance services and comparable professions across Australia.

A remuneration inquiry is a faster outcome - we’re demanding it be completed within 6-12 months.

It will also yield better results for you financially than a traditional work value case, as we would not be constrained by current legislation.

Why are we asking the Government to co-fund it?

We want the Government to co-fund the remuneration inquiry so they must own, acknowledge and act on its recommendations.

Why are we demanding a 2.5% increase?

We are demanding a 2.5% wage increase so we do not have to bargain until an Inquiry is conducted. This only an interim measure, we envision a far greater increase once an Inquiry is complete – again, we’d demanding it be completed in no later than 12 months. 

What’s the plan around bargaining?

We are refusing to bargain until after the Inquiry is completed. We expect an Inquiry will recommend big changes are made to the value of your profession, so waiting for the outcome will better position us for bargaining.

What has the Government’s response been?

Initial indications from the Government have been favourable, but we’re expecting their final decision soon. We’ve made our position clear: should the Government reject any of these calls, we will mobilise all our resources around the issue for as long as it takes to achieve the outcome you deserve. This will remain the case no matter what unfolds politically, or which party holds power.

Please talk to your Delegate or State Councillor for more information.

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